Oxy Collection

This oxidised silver collection is purely handcrafted by skilled artisans making it unique. No one piece is same in this collection! Some pieces have a fusion of both gold plating and oxidised silver designs which gives you a contemporary look for the Vivacious ‘YOU’.
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Sparkling captivating earrings from Coimbatore.

Garima Silver Bracelet With Strap

Rs. 4,040.00
This effortless piece is a  92.5 sterling silver bracelet that comes like a modern style band around your arm that has a bold design on it to make it a...
Radiant bangles that adorn wrists in Coimbatore.

Ekta Antique Silver Bracelet With Stones

Rs. 1,970.00
As the name translates Ekta means unity and this bracelet symbolizes the unity of rustic design going hand in hand with a modern style that is made in pure 92.5...
Radiant bangles that adorn wrists in Coimbatore.

Diya Stylish Silver Bracelet With Blue & White Stones

Rs. 4,190.00
Get ready to channel your inner Diva with this beautiful white & blue stoned bracelet made to perfection in 92.5 sterling silver that helps you steal the show. Introducing the...
Coimbatore's bracelet collection: A fusion of elegance and charm.

Damini Silver Bracelet With White & Green Stones

Rs. 1,770.00
This dazzling bracelet has a hint of urban touch to it yet has been kept modern in style is made of 92.5 sterling silver which goes hand in hand with...
White Garland in coimbatore

White Stoned Flower Designed Silver Garland Rings

Rs. 2,820.00
This breathtaking ring made of 92.5 sterling silver, symbolizes the beauty of a White Garland. It stands out for being a unique piece by itself which goes hand in hand with...
Avartana Bracelet in Coimbatore

Avartana Silver Bracelet With Antique Green

Rs. 3,400.00
Our Handcrafted 92.5 sterling silver Bracelet has a unique touch of tradition mixed with modern age design making it a perfect occasion wear.The Avartana Silver Bracelet with Antique Green Floral...
Coimbatore's jewelry scene: Rings and earrings that steal the spotlight.

Chanda Traditional Gold Plated Silver Ring

Rs. 1,890.00
Style this ring with your finest look that is crafted with 92.5 sterling silver and will surely bang that extra brownie points to your look.The Chanda Traditional Gold Plated Silver...
Coimbatore's rings and earrings: A fusion of style and craftsmanship.

Bouquet Silver Ring With Floral Designs

Rs. 14,140.00
This Ring has a unique look of an actual bouquet and makes it a perfect choice for yourself. A colorful ring never goes out of style. Crafted to perfection with 92.5...
Coimbatore's rings and earrings: A fusion of style and craftsmanship.

Maharani Silver Haaram With Hangings

Rs. 57,780.00
Maharani Haaram is a royal piece of jewelry. It is a statement piece that will make you feel like a queen. Made with 92.5 sterling silver haaram that is certain...
Mesmerizing ring  from the jewelry haven of Coimbatore.

Blossom Silver Bangle

Rs. 23,070.00
As the very name suggests, it is a blossom on your hands which signifies a match of simplicity and beauty and crafted to fine jewelry with 93.5 sterling silver.
Sparkling  captivating earrings from Coimbatore.

Shikha Silver Earrings

Rs. 3,400.00
This earring has a unique shape to it that makes it look more like an ethnic earring. It can be styled both traditionally and in modern ways, it is very...
Mayurika Manga Silver  Earrings

Mayurika Manga Silver Earrings

Rs. 3,090.00
This unique earring, with elements of mango and a peacock sculpture, is a total win for a minimal yet traditional look. It's made with 92.5 Sterling silver, making it an...