Goddess Collection

A stunning collection of traditional Nagas gold plated 92.5 silver jewelry that is carefully handcrafted by artisans to perfection. You could never go wrong with this timeless collection. It is perfect for all your traditional & ethnic looks!
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 Haaram Jewelry in Coimbatore showcases a mesmerizing collection

Radhe Krishna Silver Necklace Set

Rs. 23,300.00
Embrace divinity and elegance with this traditional Radhe Krishna-inspired neckpiece. Handcrafted in 92.5 sterling silver by artisans. Enhanced with nature-inspired motifs and white pearls. Perfect for the upcoming wedding season! 
Antique Silver Sana's Necklace

Antique Silver Sana's Necklace

Rs. 22,700.00
Enhance your look with our lovely Antique Silver Sana's Necklace, made from 92.5 silver and gold plated to add a hint of refinement.
The  necklase adorned with radiant gemstones that enhance their beauty.

Goddess Lakshmi Gold Plated Silver Necklace

Rs. 21,290.00
A necklace that will bring out your natural grace. Made with 92.5 sterling silver. Crafted by the best artisans with love and care using pearl embellishments. This necklace comes with...
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Muthu Puli Nagam Silver Pendant

Rs. 10,030.00
Channel your inner brave heart with this timeless traditional design that transports you back to the royal era. This pendant has been worked on 92.5 sterling silver with white pearl...
Lakshmi Kumari Gold Plated Silver Pendant With Balls

Lakshmi Kumari Gold Plated Silver Pendant With Balls

Rs. 11,320.00
This vintage piece of jewelry has a traditional design and serves as a multipurpose pendant. It can be worn as a statement necklace by pairing it with a short chain...
Earring   available in Coimbatore

Manya Elephant Designed Silver Earrings

Rs. 5,890.00
 Looking for a unique antique to pair with your saree? This 92.5 sterling silver earring is the perfect match for your hunt. It is bold and beautiful and the pearl...
Earrings In Coimbatore

Mahika Peacock Designed Silver Earrings With Hangs

Rs. 11,800.00
 The greatness of an elephant is beautifully showcased and the jewelry is intricately made in 92.5 sterling silver that has simple jhumkas attached to it and beautifies the whole earring....
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Ira Silver Earrings

Rs. 3,830.00
This particular pair of earrings has a charm of traditional design and a finish of modern design, this beautiful pair of earrings is made of 92.5 sterling silver that has...
Elevate your style with Coimbatore's exquisite earrings.

Goddess Lakshmi Ira Gold Plated Silver Earrings

Rs. 5,510.00
 As the name suggests Ira means that talks for itself, this bold 92.5 sterling silver jewelry talks for itself with the minute detailing on the earring that grabs everyone's attention....
Elevate your style with Coimbatore's exquisite  earrings.

Gulika Gold Plated Silver Earrings With Elephant Design

Rs. 10,540.00
The significance of a beautiful pair of earringss is effortlessly crafted in this pair of earrings that is made in 92.5 sterling silver which is definitely a modern take on...
Sparkling rings and captivating earrings from Coimbatore.

Naira Silver Earrings

Rs. 2,420.00
 The name itself means to shine, this blingy gold pair of earrings are forever ready to give you that decked-up look and icing to top it all, it's made of...
Meher Silver Earrings

Meher Silver Earrings

Rs. 4,760.00
These pretty pair of earrings have a sweet touch of positivity and glory to them. It's a mix of ethnicity and antique touch which is perfected to beauty with 92.5...